The rhinoceros painting from Durer represent variety of ways of knowing. Pliny the Elder who saw the rhinoceros and describe its outfit gave huge impact to people’s perception of rhinoceros. At that time people believe that the rhinoceros has covered its legs with scales and the body with hard, patterned plates. Also it has the color of a speckled tortoise and it is covered with thick scales. The impact of the image of rhinoceros by Durer has ways of knowing about rhinoceros before the 20th century. First, it affects the Language part of ways of knowing to people. He wrote a description next to his drawing and by the description people believed the rhinoceros’ appearance. Also, Durer drew rhinoceros based on Pliny the Elder’s description of rhinoceros so Durer’s painting represents that it was created by the Language of ways of learning. Also by the letter sent from Portugal in Germany represents the Language of ways of knowing. Second, the Emotion is another component. People would like to believe what they want to believe. Because of their belief of the fact, which is emotion, they don’t want to prove that this information is wrong. Third, the reason represents in this image. There wasn’t any other proof or description of the rhinoceros so people didn’t doubt about the fact. Unfortunately, after Pliny the Elder’s sketch was came out, no one saw the rhinoceros for 200 years. Durer’s sketch of rhinoceros became popular, people all over Europe saw the prints of the image. In this case, it is also Reason of ways of knowing because they were quiet sure that Durer will draw this image after he saw this creature. It can be represented as Perception because this understanding of creation was based on their perception of the image. So I can say there are many limitation of these ways of knowing about the rhinoceros image in 16th century.