This is one approach to starting your presentation.

It fits nicely with a more "argumentative" approach that presents two sides of an issue.

1. Look through articles in magazines or newspapers that contain current events.

2. Focus on articles that may contain controversial contemporary issues.

3. Identify differing opinions on that particular topic.

4. Identify a Knowledge Issue related to the topic.
Remember, a Knowledge Issue is NOT the topic or real life situation (RLS). It is the underlying "problem of knowledge" that relates to the RLS. Need a refresher? CLICK HERE

5. After identifying the Knowledge Issue, try to identify the sources of knowledge for each side. In other words, how does each side acquire the knowledge that supports their position?

6. Reflect and analyze the sources of this knowledge. Address AOKs and WOKs; what are the strengths and weaknesses? For example, if the evidence for one side of a particular position based on mathematical data? Explain the strengths and weaknesses of this as a source of knowledge. Your task is to understand and present both sides of the debate in an objective manner.