Jack and Jill -Melek & Claudia

Jack: I'm so thirsty lets get some water on top of the hill.
Jill: Yes, but lets go up carefully because we might fall down. (Reason)
Jack: My dad always tells me to wear my hiking boots so I wont fall down. (Language)
Jill: This is such a steep hill. We won't reach the top. (Perception+ REASON)
Jack: Jill, you're always so negative. This may be a better example of Emotion
Jill: Now that we've reached the top and gotten our water, its time to go back down. REASON
Jack: I'll race you!
Jill: Jack thats stupid. We don't want to fall, the hill is too steep. (Reason)
Jack: Oh. I'm falling! PERCEPTION
Jill: Me too!
Jack: My crown broke! I'm so sad now. (Emotion)
Jill: Serves you right for not listening to me.

Little Red Riding Hood: Waleed and Danny

W : hey red hoody ! where are you going?
G: Im going to my grandma’s house !
W: Ooh why?
G: she’s sick :’(
W: Uhh that sucks, (Emotion) good- empathy
G: yeah… you can see the pimples on her face (Perception)
W: Red pimples right?
G: YES ! and I’m gna bring some flowers for her pimples
W: that’s very nice of you! Where is your grandma’s house? Is it far?
G: No, its just over the woods (Language) "I was told it is right over the woods" might have been more clear
W: Oh cool, I think i’ll go visit your grandma because im bored and hungry (Reason)
G: OK ! she has some cookies there
W: gahh I love cookies and I love your grandma
G: good, see you later !

Snow White - Jess and Saanya :)

Prince charming: How lovely to see you looking so alive (Perception)
Snow White: I feel so alive when i'm with you considering I was dead when we met!
Prince charming: Oh snow white, you look so beautiful but maybe i'm biased because I love you (Emotion)
Snow White: How do you know you love me?
Prince charming: Only true love's first kiss could wake you up! (reason)
Snow White: Oh I love it when you say that to me!
Prince charming: I'm so glad I met the dwarfs, all seven of them!
Snow White: Why?
Prince charming: Because I would never have found the apple of my eye if they hadn't told me where you were! (language)
Snow White: Oh prince charming!, You're so handsome!
Prince charming:Oh snowy, you can have my apple any day, I promise it's pure :)