The Three Little Pigs

By Marlon and Hector


Once upon a time there were three little pigs called Hector, Sekerbaba and Alan. The time came for them to leave home and seek their fortunes.
Before they left, their mother told them:
"Whatever you do, do it the best that you can because that's the way to get along in the world.” (Reason)
“We love you mom, bye” replied the pigs (Emotion)
“Oh and Hector, learn English!” shouted the Mother
“Si, si.” (Language)
So off went the three little pigs and took their mothers advice at heart.
[Two pubs later]….
“Offfff, Sekerbaba bueno fiesta” (Hector)
“YEA that was great” (Sekerbaba)
“Hey Alan, can you bring me some Coke?... Alan?” (Hector)
”Where is Alan? We must have lost him yesterday night. Do you have any idea where he could be?”
“No idea I can’t even remember seeing him!” (Sense Perception)

Snow White: Jeroen and Rayya 12 TOK E
Evil Queen (talking to the mirror): Mirror, mirror on the wall Snow White is more beautiful than I am! This must be stopped. PERCEPTION
Mirror: If you are jealous, and it’s bothering you, you should do something about it! REASON
Evil Queen: I’m not jealous, I’m just upset! It’s just not fair. I want her gone! LANGUAGE and EMOTION
Mirror: What if I say YOU’RE the most beautiful? Would that make you feel better? LANGUAGE and EMOTION
Evil Queen: Just because you believe it to be true, doesn’t make it true. Snow White is the prettiest in the entire kingdom. REASON
Mirror: Ask yourself: is your anger a justification for your extreme reaction? REASON
Evil Queen: You’re not human, you could never understand! (exits) EMOTION and REASON

CINDERELLA: Sibel and Danielle

Stepmother: Cinderella, if you go to the ball, you will ruin all chances for my daughters! (REASON)
Cinderella: I don't want to ruin anything! I just want to go out.
Stepmother: I'm telling you, you are forbidden from leaving this house. (LANGUAGE)
Cinderella: Why are you doing this to me? You treat my stepsisters like princesses.
Stepmother: Can't you see the difference between yourself and them? They are beautiful, they are fit to be queens. (PERCEPTION)
Cinderella: I don't want to steal anything from your daughters. I feel trapped. I just want my freedom. (EMOTION)
Stepmother: You aren't free, because you are a servant in this house. Therefore, you can't expect to go to the ball dressed in your rags. (REASON)
Cinderella: I'll find a way. You won't help never helped me.
Stepmother: Look at yourself. You are a mess, and no man will ever want to marry you. (PERCEPTION)

Alice in Wonderland - MOIRA & DANIEL
Alice: How am I supposed to get home from here?
Cheshire Cat: The road of joy leads to the place of desire, follow the path you see.
Alice: Oh I understand now... But how will I know when I reach it? (Knowledge)
Cheshire Cat: When your hopes reach their highest point.
Alice: So I'll know when I feel it. (Emotion)
Cheshire Cat: Yes, just trust me.
Alice: Your word is my belief. (Language)
Cheshire Cat: The road now moves, follow its essence.
Alice: Well I've gone down this road before, it lies about a field away, so I guess it will only take 3 hours to reach the place I'm looking for. (Reason)
Cheshire Cat: Au revoir. Be wary your path is filled with obstacles . I already smell the danger from here… (Perception)
Alice: Thank you for your kindness.


LRRH: Something feels strange, the house feels different…Hi Grandma! [emotion]
Grandma: Hello child.
LRRH: Wooow, what big eyes you have! [perception]
Grandma: it’s so I can see you better. Aren’t you a bit late today? [perception]
LRRH: oh, yes, it’s because I took a different path today which is 1 km longer. I brought you different brownies today because mother told me you like them better. [reason/language]
Grandma: it’s not just brownies that I like…
LRRH: What are you trying to say grandma? I’m very scared and confused…I’m doing to leave now. [emotion]

Pinocchio - Nadia & Lara
P: I'm a real boy
- No you are not
P: How do you know?
- Because look, you are made of wood (perception)
P: But I can speak, and I am telling you, I know I'm real. (language)
- Liar! Your nose, I can tell you lie by your nose. (perception) When your nose gets bigger it means you lie. (reason)
P: But please, I need to be real, it's all I've ever wanted. (emotion)
- Okay Pinocchio if that is what you want to believe, then so be it. (emotion)