Lena and Matthew: Pinocchio

PINOCCHIO: *crying*
JIMINY CRICKET: Why are you crying Pinocchio? Why are you sad Pinocchio? Is something bothering you?-Emotion
PINOCCHIO: I want to be a real boy!
JIMINY CRICKET: Why? I feel like you are perfect as you are (EMOTION)
PINOCCHIO: The real boys always seem to be having more fun (PERCEPTION)
JIMINY CRICKET: But Pinocchio, since you are made out of wood if you break a leg, Gepetto can mend you easily. (REASON)
PINOCCHIO: That’s true but I’ve heard that being a real boy is so much better (LANGUAGE).
JIMINY CRICKET: Don’t always be so sad Pinocchio, you always seem (look) upset (PERCEPTION + EMOTION)
PINOCCHIO: *cries*
JIMINY CRICKET: Look Pinocchio, we know for a fact that the Blue Fairy can grant wishes, so if you do what she wants, she could make you a real boy. Reason (deductive-but flawed)
PINOCCHIO: That’s true! I’m so excited now, thank you Jiminy Cricket!

Jack and Jill:
Nicole and Timothy

Jack: Jill, I’m thirsty, so I think we should go get some water from the well up the hill à REASON/PERCEPTION
Jill: We have to be careful, because my Uncle Jimmy told me that the hill is really steep à LANGUAGE
Jack: Okay, let’s go on up Jill.
Jill: Let’s get the water quickly, because it looks like some rain clouds are coming à PERCEPTION/Reason
Jack: Oh, no I’m slipping! Perception
Jill: hahaha, oh my goodness, that’s hilarious! àEMOTION
Jack: Oh my head is bleeding, I believe it would be prudent to get a bandage à REASON/PERCEPTION
Jill: Now that you have informed me, of your current predicament, I know to get you a bandage. I feel so bad, it must hurt. It's making me cry. à LANGUAGE/EMOTION
Jack: And please don’t cry jill, there’s no need to feel sad for me à EMOTION

By removing Emotion and Intuition from the last 3 lines, the dialogue sounds like robotic, doesn't it? How would Jill respond to the injury if she used more emotional knowledge vs. reason?

Hans og Grete (Hänsel und Gretel) Martin & Esra

G: A turtle told me a candy house lies right up ahead (language)
H: I like turtles, I feel like they're always trustworthy (emotion)
G: Yeah, but I saw him planking in the forest earlier (perception)
H: Oh, then I must retract my previous statement. From my past endeavors I have found plankers to be foolish folk (reason)
H: Oh look! There's the candy house (perception)
G: Should we go in and eat?
H: Sure. If common knowledge and intuitive gut feeling has taught me anything, it's that secluded forest cabins are some of the safest places for children wandering alone, especially if strangers and candy are involved. (emotion/reason)